Rock of Ages

by Badejo Jeremiah
(Ojodu Berger, Lagos, Nigeria)

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

Uh uh uh, uh uh
Somebody give Him worship
And let the nations give him all the praise that is due.

Rock of Ages cleft for me.
Let me hide myself in the.
As we praise you recieve my praise.
Let me hide Myslf in thee.

Great and mighty ooo
Great and mighty is or God

(All repeat Body+Hook)

Apaya o ayeraye(4*)

(Oooo) Onye ne mema, onye d'nso nso.
(Alapa kabi kabi o) Aka na gbwo ria, Aguni chemba one o
(Atopojo iku da) Atobajaye oba mimo Mimi
(Erujeje leti okun Pupa) Oyigiyigi talaba fio we.
(Ebube dike o) Onye ne mema, one d'nso nso.
(Ye chioma o)Aka na gbwo ria, Aguni chemba one o.
Atobajaye oba mimio mimo
(Oyigi yigi) Oyigiyigu talaba fio we.

(Rock of Ages) Great you are Lord
(He's the great I am) Great you are Lord
(The only living God) Great you are Lord
(My precious Jesus Christ) Great you are Lor
(Yeshua) Great you are Lord/4*
Greatfand mighty ooo
Great and mighty is our God
Apata o, oood
Great and mighty is our God.

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