return of N SQUARED

by jonathon lorig
(az gilbert)

Guess what, yea thats rught you better duck thats becz imma getta chuck,chuck my fresh beats yo probaly couldnt beat,and if you try you should proably lose my heat.

Go head try to get up in my square, then me and my goons will humilate you every where.if you start a tappin imma comma a rappin laughin and crackin open ya door.

Mess with N squared and youd best beware we will find you any where. when i rappin sometimes i feel like tlanta adopted us,youd get a shout to state Bama go ahead and go a cryin to little baby llama.

Rember this is the return of the .N. get caught rappin in my streets youd think again. but before i leave i roll up my sleeves and give a shout to miggos and shout out to drake.

this is your boy .N.Squared out

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