Rest In Peace

by David S

Controllin bitches like a remote, when im done I slit their throats, from Colombia so I be sellin coke, Jack off so much i get yoked, knockin dykes out cuz its aight, rapin them cuz its all right, they still put up a good fight, then I tie them to the bed, put a glock to their heads, unload the clip now they dead, hide the bodies in a shed, then I overdose on meds, Rest in peace to my soul, im cancerous yes i know, your mom better be on birth control, cuz if she aint ill shoot her then fuck the bullethole, sounds pretty horrible, should I go to confession though, nah that hole felt better than rapin autistic hoes. Fuck with me ill kill your family in front of you, call me Hitler nigga fuck the jews, im a spic but i still yell out white power, made a drugged girl squirt like a shower, wheelchair pussy thats the shit i devour, saw an old nigga shot on the street, it made me wanna beat my meat, Columbine was real neat, piss me off and ill do a repeat, Rest in peace to my soul im cancerous yes i know. Snortin in all that good snow, yes bitch cut your wrist with that knife, oh my god can you cut yourself right? hurry up bitch take your life cuz dead pussy feels real nice, i wanna see your life leave your eyes. I dreamed of beating a pregnant teacher, punched her till i gave her a seizure, made that bitch drink clorox bleacher, shes such an ugly creature. Fuck a latex, i got AIDS so I gave that to every bitch tryna get sex. My brain is rotten, im feeling inspired by Bin Laden, my sins need to be forgotten, i have no sympathy, sounds of hoes crying sounds like a symphany, i can turn your family into history, the feds wont find them it'll be a mystery, but i wont end your misery, blow a kiss for me before i turn all your friends into enemies. Starin at the ceiling, my body has no feeling, every day your breathing is so unappealing, ill have you kneeling, with a knife on your throat to keep you from squealing, your life has no meaning, so ill do you a favor and stop your breathing, fuck your pleading, your spilt blood is so pleasing, masturbating at your funeral while your family is weeping, and when im done ill tell your loved ones im sorry for your loss. Im so bored, who wants to start another holocaust? If thats to much work lets just shoot up a fucking mosque. I fuck prostitutes for no cost, my goodness my mind is so lost. Rest in peace to my soul, im cancerous yes i know

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