remember that time

by Lesly Prieto
(Modesto, California)

remember that time when me and you went together to that ball I felt like it was a fairy tale like everything was just a dream you know how thats felt so why do you tease me now why do you laugh at me now now that I have and by my side and we do everything you missed out
are you jealous of me or are you just plain stupid are you just retarded that you think I want you back and say I love you no I'm never going to take you back cuz I live a better life now without you and with him
I know over used to have was something I always never wanted to get away from you now I'm fucking glad you are gone cause it stinks being with you now baby
don't you see don't you see i don't love you anymore so go with me now no get away from me now before it all turns black before i fall cuz i don't want you anymore baby call me i just a friend when never mind
( CHORUS 2 )
you left me there standing hello how about all of us getting the together meeting you remember that time remember that time me and you were never apart not even a blink remember that remember that
Invisible 2× me and you breaking down all the walls thanking for all the things you have done remember that remember all of the screams all of terror all of laughs oooooohhh remember me wait forget cause I'm gone living better
You are so low and I'm growing up being stronger than ever before baby didn't you think I wouldn't tell you to remember and make you miserable
oooohhh remember that remember that time when me and you were never apart from each other 2×

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