"RED ROVER"/SONG BEAT FROM:Michael Mcdonald:Yah-mo-be there

by Darren Posey
(Hollow Rock TN US)

VERSE: There are no promises, but we make them anyway. If wasn't for this thing called love... we wouldn't rise to see another day. We're making a new spot for love, because our love can get so dirty. Who we chose to be with each day... hope it last eternity! CHORUS: Red Rover, Red Rover, want you come on over, it seems tonight going too be the night( the night) we're going to break through and get it right. I don't even know your name, so I'm calling on Red Rover. CHORUS: We take our walks through the park, it felt we walked a thousand miles. You know were both are single but there was talks of a child. I put my coat on you shoulders and we're standing eye to eye. We both knows what's next, you know before love theirs always fire! VERSE: Red Rover, Red Rover, want you come on over... we have the rest of our lives, to die; in each others arms every night. It's the simple things in life, If I can break through you heart... we can get it right. I still don't know your name... so I'm calling on Red Rover. BRIDGE: When it's the last song of the night and the club is closing down, you can put your name and number on a towel. When this flam thing is all over... just call on Red Rover! NO!,NO!,NO!

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