Poor guy

by Efe muhsinoglu
(Los angeles 4802328092)

It's a silent night my footsteps are tired does no one see ? Does no one hear. Why everybody left why everybody left ? Tell me
Poor guy does everything end isn't too early isn't it early. tell me poor guy does everyone leave . With the lost map of heaven in ur hand with treasure in ur heart and the key in your face no one hears no one knows does everyone leave does everyone leave ? Are you still alone? Are you still sad ? Second person: what about you? Are you still waiting? Second person:Waiting is now meaningless as singing the most beautiful song to some who can't hear ? First person What about hope? Second person hope is now as hard and imposible as explaining a rainbow who can't see at all. Does everyone leave does everyone leave tell me poor guy isn't too early does the rain stop tell me poor guy tell me

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