by Andrew Hawks
(Bradenton Florida U.S.A)

Verse 1: Such blood-curdling reasons for fear that on scanning the text without a moments delay you should have just cut off my head when you had the chance. I'd begin to act before I'd worked out the plot.

Chorus: I once believed as a business people do that it's so upsetting to write that way and tried hard to unclean the art. That art style can be unclean because you POISONED me. Yeah you poisoned me baby. Why did you poison me?

Verse 2: Now guess I have to spit the poison out. I need to get revenge. I'm not going to hurt you like you hurt me. You'll find out soon enough how I'm getting my revenge.

Repeat Chorus.

Bridge: The next day was our fight at sea and what happened after that you already know.

Repeat chorus.

Final Verse: My revenge was writing a song and taking your best friend, at least that's what you thought, but he came to me I didn't go to him. So now I know I'll be safe from you. Now I know I won't be poisoned anymore.

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