by Richard S. Sechico Jr.
(Jilocon San Jose Neg. OR./Dumaguete City)

Compose by: Richard S. Sechico Jr.
She’s the girl I've been dreaming of
She’s the one can whole the
Missing space inside
Your one touch change my world
Through the night you give light into
My eyes

You shine like a shooting star in the sky
You give color and change my state of mine
Since you came into my life come to be

You’re the reason, you’re my every season
I’m breathing time to time for you babe
Close to you all day its paradise
(You are my paradise)

It takes so long it’s hard to get by through the pain I do my best
But there’s some way losing the will to carry on
Such a long highway difficult understand
How could I been so blind wasting my time
I made up my mine never too late
Yeah….to say (Repeat chorus)

Every moment, every drops of the rain and
Every sunshine seems so beautiful
All the dark things fade away when you begin to

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