pain makes my life

by antaonshiaharrell
(houston willis)

Yup im 5th ward baby i ain't afired tosay it im from houston texas i ain't afried to clain it ive got dead brother he was o
Only 3 when he died and got put 6 feet under
It like thunder it was a bumber i was alone all summer
While you was at home live a lie iwas on the streets finding my life and you didn't
Think once about if was coming for you but dead damn wrong cause
Im ready for you
You took my brother you took my heart as while and now hes gone
I tell man i ain't been nothing but cold
If yo family beg i ain't gonna feel for it if they keepit up i every bullet to yo head
And i ain't playin and i ain't got time for no close yo eyes cause i watched you watch then feel my
Pain through all the bullets and gun shotts and hear fall i will call on the lord to fogive me but nigga i
Fogave by remove you life that was supposed to be my brothers bye have a goodnight
Welcome to my street life hahah

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