on the mic

by joshua mark malynowsky
(Bradford, west Yorkshire)

When I get on the mic I get so frisky like a pussy cat doll or should I say nik sherzi, I say stuff like I bet cha wish your boyfriend was hot like me. Well you would do if you could excuse my big belly anyway I'll get to the point I wanna make this happen sell half a million records and be laughing. On the mic I want it to get so hectic wanna hear crowd's roar and see booties hit the floor want everyone to be dancing along to my new tune that's raw that's when I'll get up on the dance floor show the guys and girls what I'm made of and more cos you only get one chance dont get nine and your bound to mess up at least one time so I'll take this chance and shine smash this joint summat like hammer time

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Oct 11, 2015
further required NEW
by: Anonymous

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Mar 03, 2014
reaction NEW
by: Joshua Mark malynowsky

It's josh mal just want a rating on it so can you do so. I had no choice about rating it myself if I wanted to post this comment asking for feedback n a rating so I went in the middle with three star hope that don't make my actual rating three don't want it to depend on me and for the main man stick that I submitted last night on if it's alright bit short tho, nothing at the end of the day

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