Oh Lord

by Shado Yzzi

( Intro )
Yeah yeah yeah
Snyper what's up
Shodo Yzzi i got you
Heavenly father
Yeah eeii!

( Chorus )
Wake up everyday, Nigga praying saying ... Oh Lord!
We hustle everyday , father forgive me ... Oh Lord!
We earn de money pushing from de bottom thanks... Oh Lord!
We on the way onetime, nigga
praying... Oh Lord!

( Hook )
Oh Lord! 2x
Wake up everyday, nigger praying saying... Oh Lord!
Oh Lord! 2x
We on the way onetime, nigger praying... Oh Lord!

( Verse 1 )
We started from bottom
we made it here... Yeah
And I can see bitches
all over me... Yeah
I know that my since
are forgiven now.. . Yeah
And no body can fuck around me
I..I got to switch like
I welcome you all to new Africa
Wanna generation dey fire
Wo di3 ni nye change wo camera
Roll up and give me the lighter
Money coming for the week now
Now we going over sea now
See we pushing from the buttom now we made thanks to the Lord and the weed now

( Repeat Chorus )

( Verse 2 ) ( Snyper )
This niqqas I'm rolling around with. The fakers know nothing about me. Ma hommies are making the money.
We do this shit hurting nobody.
We talk about real life I earn it
And lately I've been on this money.
Am running, I go hard, I'm balling.
We talk bout real life I got it.
Yeah I'm thankful for, for y'all niqqas do, when you acting right, when your problems are shit.
I've been the niqqa that acting loyal when am hustling, I pray I get it right. These niqqas are hoping and praying, so Lord that we ain't gonna hustle in vain, I know that you get it you willing to do it. Mhen I got this shit and you that I'm innit.
Oh Lord!

( Repeat Chorus )

( Verse 3 )
Always keep praying to lord and
Keeping us safe on the road and
ain't got no port on the holes and
3nche na boys will be crusing.
Wo ay3 ready for the season
Lord knows nigger winning
I'm so high can't breath in
Africa drums how are you feeling.
Why you hating nigger back it up
Shado yzzi men unstoppable
Oh lord we need a miracle
Time for all the scammers big it up
Look at me now I'm graduating
I pray to lord for a better day
I smoke a lot got me meditating
Just believe and Lord will make a way

( Repeat Chorus )

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