by O'Brian

Life could be a challenge when you live it like you finna do..
You wishin for power 'n the game this shit gon' tackle you
Pretty clean for mama coz She knows her son is beautiful
I can tell for now that Jehova is our Minister of Life and glory
Pocket my left arm where you at Black Coffee
You makin hits with the shit you surely slap that trophy
With what I have Im willing to spend it abundently
That was an intro but now just let me do the talking

I feel free like a young kid of a stubborn king
I make the headlines so my barber could be proud of me
I missed a trick and now these haters tryna circle me
You'll be caught aside And That will make you miss ur family
I still fail to find the life of getting Honesty
I do believe that maybe we should take it like its medicine
My priority is divided with all the blessings I acquired from the time I took one from the Apostolic
Church is not a holy house when theres money involved look,
We pay these people like we some kind of their boss
I wont let them fool my mama, my papa and my brother too
Coz i dont live to see the rights so lemme do my wrongs
Let me go around the places like I circle yall
Teach you how to play with ball without even to crawl
I did say before, I aint proud o' yall
Tell your other baby daddies that Im home
Im grown, Im strong like William Armstrong
Kill words everytime Vince lives the Mic On
If I Blow I'll proly blame it on the Dark Horse
If I dont then I will blame it on my own choice
I took the fun out right? on the month of December
Introduced a theory with some typer dilemma
Choices stay blue and trying to bring up flavours
Im just tryna cum through without even the protector
Mmh, Its starting to sound dumb though
Anybody willing to help a kid with this sick flow?!
I can put a 10 up on the road with my 6.4
Now that you heard what Brian can do, you got my In-voice.

Ranked up its amazing
last night we were blazing
Thats how i be slaying every other rap song Im waiting
To reach out to my crowd
Hear them scream my name aload
Im sure Im like
Every other genius on my track list

Bitch you only got 2 choices
Respect or shake all the disease out
Its funny how you don't even mention me now
While I took the trap soul and passed it to your deep house
Haaa, now you jamming on me
You can put a new sound if you feelin on me
Im not willing to change i'll stay like an everyday treat
Later on I'll cruze around with motors on the streets nigga

Dark or blue I will be through
You Coming to change my life Like an auto tune
Preparing to Destroy All These baddest News
Only to See that You got the weakest crew
Who Knew That I Could Do What I Do To You
I Got The Realest Baddest Babe And I Know She True
Counting Every Lil Flaw But I Know A Few
Maybe Its About Time She Could Pour The Cruze

Yow, Its Been A Year But they praise me like a Player (Yah)
I Could Perform But I Think Its Time They Pay Me Now
I Know A Boy That's Already Tryna Mimic Me
Coz I Put B He Dickin Around Brian Now

I Stay Firm Like A Tiny Spiny Inside My Body
I Wanna Crack A Show And Try And Take To The Dome
Im Still Obssesed With The Typer Meds For My Body
Im Speaking For Myself Its Some typer Syndrome

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