Not that easy

by Tamara Radan
(Mostar,Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Im sitting here,trying
Trying to make some sense
Out of the paper infront of me
Out of the blank space
And it just feels so empty,nothing left to share
And I just feel like quiting
Leaving this book unfinished
and leaving the pain behind
Courus:( But if it was that easy,I wouldnt think twice
Id pull the triger,and kill the pain inside
No revises,no maybes
Not a sher second of rethinking )
Today I thought of him,and everyone else
Who caused me pain,who caused me hell
and the tears just kept on falling
as my lips stayed silent
soft whispers kept on repeating,in my head
Finish it
Im standing in a corner,with my future in my hands
What if I can end it
What if its already reached its end
Maybe this is meant to be
But its not that easy
And it will never be
I just gotta suck it up and keep on living
I cant let them get to me
I am better then that
But then why am I here
Crying over spilt milk
and ended chapters?

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