Nocturnal Daymares

by Liquid

Its been some time since I've written actual poetry
typically vocally but this time I'll speak it for nobody
openly I write, despite my horrid sight from which hell seeps
typically these visions creep all the while I silently sleep
I hear finger taps it usually only happens after liquid linger the raps
but perhaps I've outgrown the need for nightmares
evolving past the need for trivial metaphorical stairs
they usually spiral like my spine lead to the dusty attic in my mind
however this time there isn't any devils or tears you will find
I danced about clouds and gripped atoms in the air to climb
as if slime like matter slipped and dripped threw my pores
thirsting for more I feel the lust rattle and quake my hearts core
reality dropped its hammer and forced me out of the sky
punching threw my imagination life goes fast when your ready to die
water droplets split like the clouds turned into wine
I could feel life ripple like the echo force life and hell to aline
a mystic island all artistic surround by waves of sparkling blue
I twist and turn my head to find a person, its you
as I fell in slow motion you glided past at human like speed
I made my way over to the island, because I felt the need
everyone blurred out and shaded in dull gray
I can still see you vividly to this very day
Cotton like boots the color of our fantasy like skies
black skirt tattered, matching purse but the grass matched your eyes
crimson liquid rushed with a hush down the water fall
each of your steps ripped reality and echoed your call
however as you danced into the crowd reality screamed so loud
looking up at a red sky and purple clouds
I looked back and heard a snap as my skull split from the cliff side
the crown of my thought split from the horrid collide
morbid the skies, I lay on the shore shaken with guilt to my core
if only I had learned this lesson before
I tilt my shattered head forward, feeling so damn cornered
half my skull slowly fell into my lap
it dripped off with strands of maroon jelly till it snap
I scrap the back of my skull and lick the jelly clean
till my hellish hunger is full and find just what happiness might mean
stapled to my crown like bone lay a charred photo sizzled with a hiss
but sweet like the jelly kiss, it was a photo of you and me happy in bliss

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