No One Wants to Hear the Truth

by Deanna H. Kuhn
(Keithville, LA )

You say you love him, well girl I love him too
And let me say I have no problem with you
You've never made any promises to me
But me and that man have a lot of history

When we met we were very young
Waited for marriage to have our fun
I risked my life to give him two sons and a baby girl
And to them, their Daddy is their whole world

Yes we've had our problems
So this is nothing new
You're just a bump in the road
That we can make it through


He may occaisionally choose to sleep in your bed
He chooses everyday to keep a roof over my head
You see he's never had any strange and that's just what you are
A stranger to our family playing the part of a whore

Now he tells me you've asked him to choose
Lady don't you see either way you lose
With the reputation you're building you can't be trusted
Other men will use you or just be disgusted

But you see I can forgive him
And we'll both forget all about you
We can rebuild what we had
Because when you love someone that's what you do


Now I'm glad you've asked him to make his choice
Because in this trio I've had no voice
You're right it's about time we both know
Who he wants and who should let go

So thanks for meeting with me and hearing what I have to say
enjoy your drink and have a nice day
And no matter what, no hard feelings
Because I ate the apple and you got the peelings

Chorus Idea
I don't think you really care
Believe me I know life aint fair
We're just two gals talkin' in a corner booth
Because no one wants to hear the truth

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