Nephilim Doctor Satan

by Nephilim
(Meadowlands Johannesburg)

The next day his body was found to be missing,until today no trace of Doctor Satan has ever been discovered... But then who knows...Maybe he lives next door to you!

Come live in the house of one thousand corpses in the evil doctors cloisterd office,he stucks severed heads on his walls it creeps you out he knows that so he use's it as an advantage his offence,he oftens takes street kids and orphans take em up to the grave yard in the witch hour just to dig peoples coffins
his got a dolphin fin, a cleft thin chin, an evil grin, can shudder his skin,to an even better being,
his obnoxious plus his ambidextrous his got lesbians and your favorite actress tide up in one mattress got em looking like a circus soon enough he'll be cutting their throats open pulling out the voice box and ofcause the esophagus and all the organs be looking like mushroom fungus, his vivicating a human being while watching the weather focus and the meteorologist says that there's a brainstorm coming meanwhile it's just cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Doctor Satan is an evil man Doctor Satan can turn a good kid into a retard Doctor Satan can lure dragons into a lions darn without even breaking his hand that's Doctor Satan

Doctor Satan is an evil man Doctor Satan can turn a good kid into a retard Doctor Satan can lure dragons into a lions darn without even breaking a sweat that's doctor Satan

One time i actually thought that he had met his match a holly priest from the anglican church and he can catch any evil that seem to be luring around see D.r Satan was the perfect target for him to get. I bet you've heard of him he works as a vampire purerifer and slayer for the Israelite's church of the Vatican a man of God so holly he can walk on water he can handcuff thunder and even throw lighting in jail
his name is father Alexander Anderson,he knows every verse in the bible can even make hellsing,he makes holly barriers cause he hates any kanda sin,he entered Doctor Satan's catacomb and felt the adrenaline, I braced myself for the cataclysm as the pastor started to perform the exorcism for no reason,I stared feeling as if i was watching Elysium i stood back as the two entities was about to collide it's the conjuring


The night sky started getting darker as the super moon turned red and was hidden as the cummolonimbus clouds started gathering in the Troposphere the only way you could see it is as if you go in the Stratosphere,lightin' just started flashing thunder grumbling and crashing it's an undoubteble question the good has finally met the evil it's the fallen Lucifer against the son of the virgin Marry i guess this is what they call the Zoroastrianism
"I command you to go back to hell demon" the pastor said as he pulled out his blessed weaponry,he stabbed the demon on the chest and concluded by reciting the Ecclesiastes 12:7 as he said"Then the dust shall return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it" Doctor Satan just looked at him in the eye and just smiled,the next day his body was found to be missing who knows maybe he lives next door to you!


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