My Speech

by Morefire Mr General


when i started i was alone
buh ma lyrics keeps me flow
shey naa sa fun mi telle ni
buh now dey wanna roll
when i talk they'll say no
mo ti wa d'omo tan fe wo
hustler ni mi
tinkle little star
like a diamond in thesky
i may ugly for ma face
buh there is beauty with no shy
many can make u cry
buh i will always make u mine
no food, no sex, no smoking abou
buh music on ma mind
no dulling, i'm popping ma brain
stop there why u crossing ma lane
no shouting, u r lousy
stay calm when u r calling ma name
sureboi hustling for fame
mr general point in ma name
all these i cannot xplain
dont even joke with ma name
i'm stuck here in a classroom
motherfucker dont get confused
hit me with a booze in the club
while yo sipping the juicy, weed in ur cup
no pain, no gain
no reasons for me to be blamed
halleluyah, yea hossanah
success is mine u dey shame
keeping it real,, so u can feel
fuck it man, jes gimme a deal
shut ur mouth, when i'm giving the shii
pangolo rappers talking
everybody needs her, simple and plain
buh u crashed my plane
introduction heaven i take
dont doubt me sexy i trace
u want me with a ransom
gals wan feel me toripe mo handsome
with ma punchlines- awesome
awon naa da- kelly handsome
ama eat u like kcheups
u will see me and call me Yes Boss
if love is a crime handcuff
i would rather give ma handsup

Combination of success is what i fear for
thats why why i'm fearful
momma crazy life i care for
i'm classic and unpublished
so so cool on beat
mr producer jklef on beat
from the m to the o to the r to the e
mr general on diz

I shouldnt blame it on maself
no friend could be of help
i'm not big on a social graces
trying to be maself
my successes and failures
ur problem u r sick
u gat nothing left
all u have is ur dick
you can read between the lines
i pack up with some nines
with crazy thousands facing
my manhood still alive
we're taking over this year
our love will be still right there
nobody gonna make it confidential
still right here
thirsty for drama
listen to ur momma
dont be a crap
from naija to ghana
shey e normal
this is a man-made rap
sureboi mr general
shoutout to ma fans
friends like famz
from glory to glory
heavens dey cry
from grass to grace
heavens dey cry
heavens dey cry
weather for two
i cheat on gals
since i was two
vin number u gat to look up
online brake schematic dogde mo ni ke lock up
u beef now o ti fuck up
jes stand right there mo ti chop up
i must proclaim that in ma soul
my son did jes four in hole
skraten up, i'ma get up
mr general a little pulp in ur cup
malo gock e u struggle for fun

Power of music in me
to support maself and ma discoveries
u criticise me, that means u r nothing
jes keep me encouraged
then u gat the front thing
i need ur attention (yes)
hoes dont mind us
old rules left no clues
try them all u can't be in ma shoes

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