MY Life

by Jack Bandz

Who’s this guit calling my phone if u aint talkin money. Flexing out on site. Little nigga pussy. I spit bars like hurricane Katrina. So I hit with my bars with suplex city like Brock Lesner. At the end of my bars I’ll finish ur ass with an F5..I stay on the grind. Right now it’s my time. Stay on my line. Whenever I rap battle I feel like Undertaker 24-0 at WrestleMania. Life is so good why I would stress. If u have money put it in my pockets. Check out my nikes feel sporty. If u haters say I can’t rap I’m going snap. It’s my fucking time to shine. And I won’t stop till I’m with a dime. I spit bars like hulk smashes cars I’ll put you in a jar and put you in an armbar. And I won’t stop till I’m at the top. Cause my nigga Tuck Bandz got my back like nobody else did. If u talk shit we’ll see u about. Bitch Im Jack Bandz. So Cashout on Site bitch ur one of a kind. If U aint working for me we’ll circle this out. If u need help I’ll give u the lesson. Cause Jack Bandz is going to the top and Got something to say something to say say up front. ADHD is exposed so no need to front. My nigga’s is crazy. Life is so good there’s no need for that stressin. It’s my time to shine. I’ll stay on my grind. And I wont stop tell im at the top. I hustle trap and make music. No time for haters. Espicely when ur losin. You know I pop it. That’s my life style and that’s what I do. And I wont stop tell im at the top. So quit calling my phone.

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