My Life

by Jahshina

being judged isnt the one

being judged isnt the one

Verse 1:
If I told you about my thoughts you wouldn't believe me if I told you how much I was hurting you wouldn't help me if I told you what I've been through you would laugh if I told you about my life story you would tell me to publish it. if I told you what I've seen you ain't gonna wanna hear it... is it really that worth it ? I ask God everyday to give me the strength to carry on with my life , people tell me things will get better are they sure about it ? What do they really know about life? I promise you , you would see some changes I can't promise you a day or time

Chorus:I was young I was dumb I weren't thinking straight my head was all over the place I know it wasn't the right thing to do but I still did it and that's no excuse I cant say what I've done i can only type.
I used to be a 10 when my dad before my dad went pen as he came out everything went dead from 10 to 0 real quick.

Verse2: I Miss my dad so much I hate feeling this way it's not as I took advantage while he was here i respected him I loved him & he just went & left I blame him why I'm half broken I know in my heart he's alive but he's not here with me telling me ' baby girl don't worry everything will be okay' I just wish I could of stopped him from leaving if I knew he would be gone for so long.. He has me crying , praying every night before I go sleep wondering if he's alive and well , if I would ever see him again every night before I fall asleep this is all I think about if I could get another chance to tell him how much I love him , how much I need him by my side seeing me make mistakes , telling me right from wrong , seeing me grow up to the girl I am today.. My life feels like one big mess that can't be fixed

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