My King, My God

by Kyal Millentree
(Joplin, Missouri, USA)

(Verse 1)-
I've read your story, and I've seen your power and glory. As I call upon Your name in my darkest hour, take away my shame and give me power. To look up to Heaven and see your face, that lets me know with you I can win this race. Down on my knees as I pray, my heart will say

My King, My God heal my heart, will you shine a light in this world full of dark? Bring me to safety, I need you to save me. As the tears overflow my eyes, at the Midnight Cry I will call on you my God.

(Verse 2)-
There were angels all around me, but I was too blind to see them. Every body told me you love me, but I was too scared to believe them. I ran until I couldn't run anymore, then you opened up your door. I told you I was a mess, then I started to confess.

(Verse 3)-
You're my savior after all, I am a soldier of God no longer will I crawl. You set me free, put your hand of healing on me. As you fix my broken pieces, I will forever praise you Lord Jesus


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