Monte Carlo

by K.C.
(Detroit,Michigan USA)

When ni**as start living that life
They forget about how it was living that life,
(shawty back home got drive)
she still riding in the monte carlo the 1970
monte carlo

Verse 1:
Girl got more drive then half these ni**as, she
tryna grow up while she
raise her children, She pray to God she at all
odds at a dead end job and
would and could provide wat better if she was a
stripper to much pride to let
my tax assist her this aint anotha keep ya head
up but i love ya sista.


See we came up, forgot where we came from,
our chain gold And a couple
records sold known lil
Brova in jail took a page from aaliyah now he
sending four page letters
home, born to take somebody spot tho, and i
ain't gotta call the kettle
black if the pot gold get the columbian out ya
nostril just wait til
december when the columbian 11 drop (woah)
wish that i could help out to
busy buying in so i can sell out and she drugged out
unofficial postman took
the mail route droppin quarters to end up with dimes in ya mail box and
before ya judge she just tryna
decide whether to bail her son or her man out.

You either get your name on a shoe or you get
shot for them eitha way whole
block want 'em this The bridge ugh (ugh) this
the bridge this the bridge
dont drown in the water if you can't walk over


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