Men Like Me

by JImmy Muffin Yessian

C 2012 Jimmy Yessian

I’m the kind of a man that makes Fathers Lock their doors when I come around
Calling on their precious daughters If I lay a hand they’ll hunt me down
Her Daddy thought I was crazy but her Momma knew that I was insane
She said even her God wouldn’t save me
So I lit a match and watched the town Church burn

Cause men like me were born to rage, heartless and cold
No fear, no common thief, we’ll steal your soul
Men like me do what it takes and take what we need
Men like you better run when you see men like me

I saw the flickering light of a candle smoke rising from fireplace wood
I could feel the door lock by the handle so I kicked it in with the heel of my boot
The last thing they’ll ever remember Daddy struggling desperately
I had my thumb on the hammer he got it twice
And they took another three

Repeat chorus

I got the maximum sentence but I’d do it again for what it’s worth
My evil soul is repentless so people must pay for my terrible curse
Some people call me Satan’s child others say I’m the devil himself
You better pray someplace holds me or you could be next you or anyone else

Repeat chorus (different ending)

Men like me should be locked away in a cold dark cell
Cause men like you aren’t safe till I’m in hell; With men like me…

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Oct 29, 2012
Wordy dribble. NEW
by: Jimmy Muffin Yessian

Hey WD, you chicken shit. Afraid to leave your name.

Oct 29, 2012
Really? NEW
by: Anonymous

Wordy dribble.

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