Melissa Greener

photo by Traci Goudie

photo by Traci Goudie

Melissa Greener; artist, songwriter, singer, guitarist, gypsy. Born and reared in Mo-Town on a dark, dreary, winter, wee-morning, she left home at her first chance, and has been touring everywhere, ever since.

"I once climbed the second highest mountain in the Swiss Alps. I once trekked the second highest mountain range in the world in Slovakia. I once spent two weeks at the holiest mountain in Tibet. I once climbed the Sinai. I once rode my bicycle from Vancouver, British Columbia all the way to North Sydney, Nova Scotia. I once lived in a little village in China where porcelain was discovered - 2000 years ago - occurring naturally in the ground. I once sailed so far into the Mediterranean I couldn't see land. I once saw so many stars in an Egyptian desert I couldn't see the sky.

"My mother was a lounge singer at the Playboy Club in Detroit, and a classically trained operatic vocalist. My dad is a hippie. I am in recovery."

Greener's songs are literate, quirky and honest, often resembling the forms and phrasing of modernist poetry.

'Fall From the Sky', Greener's debut release, continues to receive rave reviews from an international music community. Her sophomore effort helmed by legendary producer John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter) is due for a spring 2010 release.

Greener tours throughout North America and Europe performing in theatres, festivals, clubs, house concerts and subways. She sings truths she's come to believe in - stretching some, in the name of art.... An Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter, Greener currently resides in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Melissa Greener proudly endorses Greenfield Guitars, touring with models G2 and a G3.2

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