Mainstream media

by Gabriel Slidders
(Brookyln, New York, New York)

This is not your average brag rap
I’m so fed up with that meaningless bullcrap
Bragging about how much money they got
No one gonna remember them when they rot
Got no meaning, got no soul
Just how much money they stole
Stop saying you got swag
It just makes me want to gag
And when it comes to rap you lag
And like with a mac, it’s a drag
You gotta rise against, like black flag
Or you’ll end up being a useless nag
affecting music history’s glory sorely
maybe you just want to make a quick buck
Maybe you just wanna try your luck
Maybe if you create a song that will suck
It will make some money
So many artist work hard to get big, it’s not funny
But others burst to fame with a single song or look
And have stolen every cliche in the book
Others have won peoples affection
Bands like one direction
By being in the top 100 section
But I have an interjection
How about we make a better selection
And make a correction to this imperfection
How about we get rid of this bragging?
And how about we get rid of this party banging?
We got all this ripe for the hanging
To do that, we gotta clean up our act
So how about us consumers make a pact
To stop buying when the lyrics lack
And instead buy music with meaning
We got to be the ones interveening
It's fine to have fun, but you've gotta know how
It's time for the business to change now

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