Lu Suplex - Started (Lyrics)

by Lu Suplex
(SF, CA)

Lu-Su Old dude from the new school,
Back when i taking beats off youtube ah,
Rolled Thru bumping tunes i was used to
just dropped 9 6 was it too soon? Nah...

Its never a lost ,,
Still tryna fix myself from the errors i fought ,

Ima leader i dont see none IM very distraught,

Tryna give rap hope I'll give whatever it cost ... boss.

I really hate garbage , i stay away from 106 & all thier main artist ,
Gang Awkwrd , on my way to The Tay Concert , came proper drippin flames and was named arson
But im not tho, Im Suplex
StrongU Lu Move when the moon rest ,
All smoov like the crew when this dude met,
cruise sesh wheels spin like Roulette..

If you want it go get it,

You rock with cha squad but a job never minchined

I dropped all my toxin and god is my witness
Im slowly but surly evloving and different,

calm and forgiving,
I hate when you lie what's your honest opinion?

Im conscious but chillin
a possible villian, i mosh in the kitchen , im calm and gifted ...

I had to paused for a minute, staying cool i dont wanna get tossed into prison..

I hop over limits , applauds when im finished , i call in at six and its all the image,

My spot where my kin live .. Drift swift caught pics of the kickflip ..
I write this for my thoughts and i missed tips ,
sick still clean as LNG after he switch..

Roll to till the plan blow... I land roam while you trap in the bando ... IV life yee and the fam know
.. We pass strong , in mask with my jam on ... My last quote .. Had me fast to relax yo..
I catch shows on my mac in a bathrobe ..
Hashtag IV and the brand on ,,
StrongU Lu Suplexing rap songs

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