Love in a Oxegyn Tank by KATYCE FORBES

(A.S.C.A.P. member)

I'm gonna love you, don't you see me crying
O' you can't forget me this is your song.
for the air in my body needs a oxygyn tank
and the carbon has left me and still you're not mine.

what did you promise is it more time?
O' baby you have vanish untill summertime
I'm not waiting for love a life time,
tomorrow is a new day and I'll have peace of mind.

so shall it be with me , open my eyes and see.
you're the only one that could stray and follow me,
but I'm gonna foul you for you've gone down crying
Today is a new day and you will turn a man

sorrow had cross us I've wasted no time.
Life has no shield you can't be mine.
my heart has hardend, dont chase up this vine!
you 'll stand in the wind and I'll be gone.
but I' gonna love you not scared to do so.
Today is no reason to let you go
for my heart has promise this feeling has grown
The blood rush my veins; and I'm now in the rain.
but, I'm gonna love you don't you see me crying?
o' you can't forget me this is your song...
for the air in my body needs a oxygyn tank
and the carbon has left me but I'll have peace of mind
(first verse repeat)

Biography:I grew up listening to george Jones ,Jim Reeves Tammy wynette, and Conway Twitty. People thought it was wierd that we only played grass root country in this day and time. check A.S.C.A.P for C.D.
The music sheet will be there for this piece also.
I need a good band that is able to record this song
the lyrics and arrangement or tune is a "Definite Hit".
If I could get a publicist and good manager some of the above mentioned with that insight is fine! A story teller manager would do great!

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