Love and Salacity

by Tony Watson
(Chicago Illinois)

none other none other no way to stutter my heartbeat flies and flutters I'm saturated and smothered I taste her she's a lover
we madly disagree there is no satisfaction what is the reaction?
I want to devour her excuse my attraction to the earth flashing and crashing
an Angel and a rainbow fall from heavens compassion
her voice is music of this I'm not asking Fason
(she brushes up against me,) my goosebumps overwhelm me nothing dopemine can ration
(eye contact) I hardly remain conscious hands clasping
she floats by me boreing am i her attraction? action!
day and night rain and snow she stares and stares riveting she grips her purse with Passion
I notice her light and her omnificant fraction
she floats by I spray her everlasting
never forget that back and forth she craves me and smell I'd fuck her into a coma. this is hell and seeming I'm dreaming we exchange pheromones things being
amychesisia the door open she greets me barefoot and yes she throws a knife at my head I bite an apple extinguish the candles flames ignite flames in flight two souls BURN at night Eunoterpesia!
you bitch I put her head through a wall we kiss as I rip her dress off I toss champagne glasses she breaks a plates we fall on broken glass plus eggs and steak legs will break
(I'm bleeding?) I awaken and there she is standing imagined,"Lust and salacity" by.Anthony Watson

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