by Nicole Westerhouse
(Indianapolis, IN)

City lights shine so bright here
They make me miss my home
Don't know what I was hoping to find here
But I find myself alone

Big city-got lost
In all that I thought that I want
Thought I could make it
Thought I'd be the one

But I'm just one in a million
One in a billion
Trying to make something
Out of this nothing I've got
I don't want this heart to rot in me

These words are all I know
And I don't want to go
Until I've made it to the top
Until I've gotten my shot

But everyone wants the same things here
Everyone want the same life
A million to one for the same dream
A million to one- what a grand scheme
This town has got going on

Like a gold rush
Like a gold rush
Every one of us
Is out here looking for something
Looking for something
to make a better life
To make a better life for us

This song , my friend
Isn't a means to an end
It's part of me
This is who I am
This is how I feel
This is the only thing in me that's real

I don't know how to connect
Don't know how to connect
But I know how to sing these verses
Is it my curse is it my burden
To be one in a million here

City lights shine so bright here
They make me miss my home

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