Losing King

by Jake Mallory
(Winchester, TN, United States)

Verse 1
Conquering the kingdom
Capturing the princess
Destroying the plumber
These goals are set in stone

Pre-Chorus 1
But his stupidity
Keeps him from victory
And his repeating ignorance
Makes him defeat himself

Tenacity and raw strength
Gives him adamanting motivation
Black magic gives him more power
With durability that protects against cosmic forces
And his terror that brings about fear
But even with all this
He is still the losing king

Verse 2
Attempted universal domination
Teamed up with protagonists
To take another villain stealing his dreams
He’s come so close to takeover
Pre-Chorus 2 (4)
But even his army
Falls to the heroes
And his thoughtless planning
Repeats itself.

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