Like I Do

by Tyler Falzone

Like I Do (Prod. Tido Vegas)

Verse 1:

You must think this is lame
After 2 months nothing is the same
I'm still trying and trying
And your stuck here fighting
You won't give it a second thought
But you can't stick around and make everything seem alright
I got caught up in the fact that you were here
I missed the truth behind all those tears
Trying to find the reason you wanted me gone
I guess I find it right
Never thought twice
Picture perfect but now the frames cracked
And our hearts are shattered like glass
I'm so sick of feeling out of wack
I need you back
But you keep moving forward like nothing was left
I still send you poems but you don't respond back
Got me feeling like this is all out of order
Putting the pieces back is harder then telling the story
I'm sorry I wasn't the man that you needed
But after falling in love your everything that I was dreaming
Giving up now is something that's so consistent
It's the end of the road
But I refuse to fold
I spill my feelings on this paper and hope you won't ignore
You still love me right
But your fighting it back
Wishing you never met me that night
I'm stupid for even believing you would fight for me and have my back
Now what am I suppose to do other then write
Making memories was something we were so good at
So is the memory of our relationship must of meant something
Or am I the only one who ever was honest
Tell yourself your over it and let me heal
Or pick up the phone and say you still love me
Because I'm stuck wondering how the hell you feel
It's crazy right
That I could wish you were right back
Guess that was only in the moment right

Verse 2:

I would have believed anything you said
Until I realized you said it without realizing yourself
I'm cracked and damaged
And the pain is only getting worse
For a second I thought nothing could be worse
But loosing you felt like the end of the earth
Trying to get you out of my mind
But you end up higher
Everyone says let go but I can't grasp the fact that your not here
I'm awkwardly still trying to figure this out
I guess I don't want to accept the truth
But can you cope with loosing my as I loose you
Because I know I'm nothing but your ex
But I've moved on and I still can't find myself
Hiding true feelings because I'm scared to get hurt
Throwing everything I wrote away
Because it just won't work
Sharing my feelings only gets me farther
Looking at you doesn't make me stronger
Because I invasion everything we had
And I just can't believe that it isn't what we have
Being friends isn't working out
Can't tell each other anything
Seems like nothing is working
But I keep trying
Hoping we will figure it out
Because iloveyou and I knew you feel the same
Even if it's friends we will be strong again
Everything takes time right
All we gotta do is wait for ours and we will be alright
I'm reading your note as I tell you this
I never regret those days
For their were the best
But letting go is so hard
But I know it's what's right
So I'm sure how to end this right
I guess you just gotta no I wish we never fight

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