life(email me for more)

by Joshua dontez love

I'm tired of all the pain and all the sufferin

Been hustlin since a youngin but it all amounts to nuthin

They laugh when I make threats as if I'm bluffin

Shots fired, man down but I'm the one that's bussin

Consequences and repercussions....

But that's a whole different discussion

I made it past high school but what's next

Feel like the only thing I'm promised is a early death

But this the world that we was given

Gotta believe in god if you believin that ya livin

A free man but livin like I'm in prison

Reactin with paranoia with every single decision

A walking hazard to any nigga that's livin

Created a tombstone for any beat I was given

Criminal mind set until the day my mind rest

N****s is playing checkers I graduated to chess

Happy wit being local but wanna be with the best

You start living when you die because life is only a test

A strong person with a heavy mindset ...

Just nod ya head and don't forget the concept

I grew up with no direction in this poverty

But took my life into my hands like I was makin pottery

I can feel my soul and its inside of me

But idk which way its going every day it bothers me

You gotta focus if you really want ya eyes to see

You gotta stretch if you really want what's out of reach

I was labeled as a felon since a baby

Had nothin to do with me they based it off the man that made me

And that's the shit that drive me crazy

But still I stand as a man and won't let the world fade me ..........Kane local Indianapolis artist my email is plenty more where that came from and there is more to this song I just put this piece on here

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