by Eli
(Las Vegas )

I'm Juss a young boy tryin to make it , roll up the weed and lets get faded , I'm feelin so constipated , get my gurl to my room we bout to get x-rated , i seen a homie get shot , I had an vision , how I'm goin to make my long decision , I'm in the kitchen washin dishes , as a young man I made alot of wishes , it felt like I was in hell , my mom said she aint gonna hug me from no jail sell , I'm sending long letters I'm out to get tht cheddar, I'm on my on wit no help , mess up momma whoop me wit a belt , now tell me how tht felt , momma said life is gonna be rough , witness my homies in hand cuffs, this life is so cold , got so many chainz like I'm WEARIN gold , they say the key is education, gotta find my next destination , start dien final destination , I can't stand not seeing my girlfriend , save yur life super man , gotta make one wish , keep yhu haters on my hit list , express how I feel in one song, my uncle bone bein so silly , laughing loud like a hill billy , keep my paper pack , my whole family always got my back , (FAST) have yhu ever had tht time , wen yhu lost yur mind , always spitting rhymes , my gurl is a one of a kind , so damn fine , watch me shine , always got my nine , movin far cross the line , tryin to get me to sign paper I don't wanna sign , (regular)-no one knows y yhu always getting hurt like Derek rose, never had a pool went swimming in the water hose , my baby Zionrae leavin may , so I gotta pray , hopin he will Listen , tougne kissin , I gotta fat sack , they say eli is the one who brought rap back , wen I rap it's kind of like a story , smokin so much weed so my eyes gettin blurry , i stay lookin gudd for the fed , haten got the gun aiming at yur head, I got girls in Mississippi, got girls in Atlanta , ya fake believin in Santa , soon all the stress will come to a End , here god take my sin , again and again , I don't really understand , one night my homie through up and gain sign thts wen they came with there nine , thank god everything went fine , from then on I never had no fear, it felt like my heart start to disappear, I played the game and it stayed the same , SHE told me eli be real , we will soon kick it and chill , baby how do you will feel , she said lets
Make a deal , will be together forever and always me honest , she told pinky promise ,

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