by Angel Miladinov

I was doing crazy things
trying to get respect from the others
I've learned from the kings
but it doesn't matters
I wanted to be like them
but then I realized I was something more than a rich man
I am genius with the rhymes
if you don't respect me go back to your crimes
I saw the world with a differnet light
and it's time to stand up and fight
fight with the motherf****** who are not suited for your life
hit them with your fists one two three four five
and if it's not enough show them your special attack
and hit them in the back
Did they act differently?No?
Well I thinks it's time for you to go
Here comes the fihgt with the hard life
and what you gonna do
you've got a big knife
but he's not afraid of you
he's gonna knock you down
no matter the cost
he's gonna take your crown
don't you need it the most?
You wanted to be a king
but you did the wrong thing
you don't even have control on your own mind
you are a monster people are afraid of your kind
they are trying to get you out of their lives
but they end up in hiding their hives
so they don't respect me fine
with the mind I've got the world is mine
And I see how my life just mimics
this motherf****** lyrics
and there is no escape
for god's sake
I am full of rage
but I still keep it in cage
cuz if I let it out someone's gonna die
it's not a lie
but the monster wants to get out
I cannot keep it caged forever
and when the times come there's no doubt he will rip them appart
so don't try to raise my rage never ever
cuz someone's gonna get hurt once and forever
but you leave me no choise
I'm gonna make some noise
hope you'll hear me then
if you don't come fight like a man
I'll let the beast out
and you'll not hear it from my mouth
you'll speak with the devil
and nothing will put you on my level
the beast is fed
so prepare for your death
once and for all
you'll fall
and I will be the winner
you will be the looser now go home for dinner
I hear the beat
and I still stand on my feet
when I finish you'll be crawling in pit
soon me and the beast will split
cuz somehow in my life he can't fit
I'm the greatest ever
I can fight forever
you will not put me down
cuz I'm the man with the crown
if you go against me you will end up drown
drown into my pool of suffer
if you feel this pain with no doubt you'll want to murder
but I survived
in the place where you are terrified
I hope you now see my power
if you were on my place you would be a powder
you wonder how I'm not a monster
maybe you want me to be your master
but this power cannot be given
and you'll never be fogiven
I suffered because of you
now you are on my place, and what you gonna do
you are not strogner as much as I am
but the hard life hits you too BAM

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