Krumpe's vs. Dunkin Donuts

by Joseph (Joe)
(Hagerstown MD, U.S.A)

If you want a donut go to Krumpe's X12
Krumpe's is the best
Dunkin donuts is the worst
Krumpe's are 50 cents a donut
Dunkin donuts are over $1 a donut
This is why Krumpe's is better
Dunkin donuts are the worst of all
Dunkin Donuts are not good
Dunkin donuts are baaad
If you want a donut go to Krumpe's X8

If you want a very very excellent donut, get your self to Krumpe's
If you want an old horrible bad donut, go to Dunkin Donuts

Telling you it's better to go to Krumpe's
Don't ever go to dunkin donuts

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