kay - James Brown Come Up

by Tcee

Intro: if its smooth then its smooth shey?

Verse 1
My father no dey dey,I be my own man I had to come up/
then my mother died,things was hard for the boy,too hard I had to fall off/
"Let's rejoice,God knows best"that's all people tell me,pastor come again I swear. Don't really get it/
Ma le told me if I want it I could get n I had to learn how to earn it so I learnt it/
I was off I was learning/
I was off for a while I was learning/
I'v been working tryna comeup with better sound/
Forget the man behind the groom,I'm a better man/
Better than the type of man that I was before/
They try to tell me I'm not worth and I just ignore/
Misunderstood I was only tryna make her proud/
But too late,life na tape,e no get rewind.

I had to do it on my own I had to come up/
See every man for him self o,bros do it for yourself,bros come up/
You gatts to it anyhow mehn,
U gatts make a way jut come up/
Do it how you want bros,do it from your city just come up/
See,see just come up.

Verse 2
I am still thankful for everyone supporting/
Does nights I needed somebody to talk to triumph was the one who was calling,
She prayed for me on the phone,I had a crush on the shawty on the low/
But you know what they say,if you love something you should really let it go,
If I really let it go bros na fuck up on a low/
I swear na fuck up on a low/
But that's the flow life goes how it goes/
I owe lots of people more money and apologies/
I pray that God help somebody to help me so I can pay them all of it/
Get a deal soon so I can,I can live life for the fun of it/
Make music for the love of it.


I had to do it for myself I had to come up/
See everyman on him lane,bros just do it for yourself just come up/
I'm on m james brown comeup o/
See ehn,Let the boy just come up/
Let the boy just come up/
I had to do it for myself I had to come up/
Bros just come up.

Just make sure ou come up,
E no get as e dey be just make sure you come up,
Do it for yourself bros,just make sure ou come up,just make sure you come up,I had to come up.

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