just another day

by Ibtissam

wake up in the morning hopless with nothing to do
u hear voices in ur head telling u go back to sleep its just another day
another day of suffering feelin u've got nowhere to go
as u get up from ur bed u open ur window see the sun light
look up at the sky hoping for something that can change ur life
feeling lonely no one's there for u , no hands reaching out for u to save u from ur loneliness
u wish someone would ask u abt how u really feel
but that never happen cuz people are busy working like machines with no soul
get up get out of ur darkness find out the light
life is more than eating sleeping repeating the same things everyday
ur voice gotta be heard, let people see the real u
u've meant to be somebody , find ur own way
no its not just another day its the day which is my life gonna change

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