just a song

by chad k



fuck why does this site have such a gay interface?

so why they so hap hap happy here
did you see what hap hap happened here

nothing seems to stop the people living at all
we all seem to live like kings and die poor

most of us worship what we'd wanna see and hear
our love seems all same to be label to bear

why wish on someone all the despair when not their fault
why wish on someone when our lives not made not so great

look about yourself and find
theres few things you didnt listen to
sometimes its just the sea
sometimes just the likeness

the worlds just a space we see it all the same
might or mighty isnt quite wize
if we spend till 80
finding out a size

the love we might feel might make it happy, sane, free and all
the way you'd wanna live might give you dreams
the dreams youre going to live
all out of these rhelms .....

just dont look to your crazy
crazy learnt enough from me that why im alive
when you get along with each other
then someday you'll be able to teach other how to survive

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