JtG ft.Acee - Go get it

by Winston

chase after your dreams

chase after your dreams

JtG n Acee:chorus

Life is a game when you playing the game,
You gotta make them know your name,
Chasing the dream you gotta believe it,
Or else you won't get the fame.
So whatever i want I'll go get it,
I see them new J's I'll go get it,
That motivation I'll get it ,
That education i'll get it, (go get it)3×


Homie you want it go get it ,
I say go get it,believe in it , go get it,
If you achieve you will get it ,(go get it)2×
Anything you want ,go get it,
Anything you see ,go get it,
Anything you want ,go get it,
For all my homies whos been on the block and back,
Caught selling some crack and doing things that is wack,
This for you to just understand god has a plan so can you please stop playing man
Time for you guys to start giving it up and now it's time to stop living it up,
Rapper or Christian fact or fiction it doesn't matter dawg just know your position


I got JtG on my side, (rolling)2× tru the night,
Tryin my best to do right, tryin my best not to fight,
Got success on my mind, you want it, go get it,
I say(go get it)2×,
My squad will get it, and control it, beat it, own it,
That education ill get it, that success ill own it,
Yeah bruh im on it,
So for sure you know, ill get it,
For my squad that got it they always show it,
Respect is the key dont judge me,
Im just a g working on the streets working so hard making it far,
We show them who we are,


Lately ive been on the block, trying to get my one shot,
Trying to prove that im hot,
But next thing you know i get shot,,at,
Man i run for cover as i ducked my head and for a quick moment i thought i was dead,
So from that day on i stop doin things thats wrong cuz you cannot stay on earth for long,
So whenver opportunity comes,ill just go get it, so homie dont self try tostop me,
Cuz i know that you cant block me,

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