by Octapus



Twitchin, stitches, bitches, mouths, so they, stop, blurtin,shit.
Jitter, jitter,jitter,jitter,jitter,jitter,jitter,jitter

(Gasps for air)
Panini, panini, dejiti dejiti, filimin these niggas while they fuckin her titties
Panini, panini just tell me the meaning:
Right now im defeating. Tell me your meaning, panini,panini why are you jittering
(Gasps for air)
All up on the floor, just give me some more, an hour or four? Bitches be sweatin, they thirsty like whores,i dont fuck whores, only my bitches, i split at the core, ill spit on ur store, just get me the jays. And only the jays. Just show me your way. Sensei sensei sensei-why you-jitterin jitterin jitterin jitterin.

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