Jason Shira Upcoming Singer Songwriter of Born Promise

by Jason Shira

World Illusion ALbum

World Illusion ALbum

Jason Shira I am a person with an artistic talent and creative mind, that sometimes has a hard time thinking (inside) the box. I feel drawn to the magnetic attractions of emotional soul, and I am made up of many colors of the spectrum of spiritual aura, at the most unrestrained human level of expression. Through trials of life and the ability to take things in stride I vow to never give up no matter how hard it seems. We are all just human beings put together on this earth to learn from not only ourselves but from others as well. I want to understand what others are made of, I want to see a place where we can flourish with out segregation, discrimination, hatred, and stigma. I want to learn how to look at life through a more broadened lens of positivity. I too have struggled to keep the negative thoughts from permeating my mind. I am just a man with a dream and a goal to rebuild myself from the inside out so that i may reflect who I want to be. To become a soldier of new found glory of happiness and life bound by my own words, sacred and warm this is my Born Promise! Heal this worldly soul from with in WE ARE ONE...

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