J Lyrics (Songwriter/Composer)

by Joseph C. Parks IV
(Southfield, Michigan)

Classic acoustic

Classic acoustic

It's been almost six years since writing his first song and Detroit born writer Joseph C. Parks (J Lyrics) has not sold a record yet, but is already annointing himself the future of songwriting. With his soft love ballads and funky melodies J Lyrics decides now is a great time to emerge on the scene and add some flavor to the game. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, J Lyrics started out rapping and writing poetry at an early age. In High School J Lyrics linked up with long time friends and Schoolmates "Kings Bridge" and started "Kibriki Designs and Entertainment." Taking the act on the road J Lyrics and friends moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in fashion and entertainment. This was just the start of Lyrics quest for stardom introducing him to names such as Outcasy, DMX and Jermaine Dupri to name a few. With a better understanding of the industry J Lyrics decided to move back to Detroit and began writing and Co-producing for local talent, joining forces with Patrick and Darrin Moore and creating "The League," one of the best Hip Hop groups on the local scene. J Lyrics feels it is now time to take it to the next level by writing for big names in the industry and solidifying himself among the songwriting greats.

(J Lyrics received an honorable mention for his entry in the 2006 "John Lennon Songwriting Contest" and has been chosen among 50 finalists for the "WJLB CD Critique" held in Detroit Michigan.)


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