It’s time

by Senorita
(Rochester, MN)

It’s time to leave your shell and live
The way you wanted to

Centuries have passed
But wounds are fresh
I can feel your pain
Cloud of sorrow still loom over
Will not go away unless you try
and try hard enough

Every one has fears
Which haunt and torment the soul
Only way out is to face them
Look in their eyes and face them
Fears will melt

You are who you are and who you want to be
You have right to decide
There is no reason to hide
In the shell that you have built around you
To scare them away

I know it feels safe inside
Where no one can see you
But that confines your extent
How far you can fly and how high you can reach
In that sky so blue

The barrier needs to be broken
The belief needs to be shaken
No one can do it but you
You are the one who can make the change
Make it happen

Its not who you are
one can see on the surface
Buried under the darkness
I see a beautiful, lonely soul
Seeking redemption

I can see the fear of rejection
Longing for respect
You want so dearly
From wild world
No one is going to give it to you
It’s yours, just take it

Break that spell and rise
Rise above the horizon
Explore the possibilities
Show the world true you
Make it happen
It’s time

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