It's all said through hands

by Catherine lee

My sympathy comes from the paramedics at your back door.
We also phoned in, but never the same reason as yours.
Each time the wind picks up the basements calling in a safety, perfect place to hide his liquors. Holding silent chats as the candles flicker.
I know you've had it hard. and oh boy we wish you were there the reason we stayed composed living in the yard. Keep it up, bring it back. Giving up isn't giving in it's the knowledge of that you lack.
Forgiveness is in your genes I geuss it's a trait from our father. These feelings are omitted no longer concealed in your eyes we're burning out from all the salt water. Smile for your self, not for the show. We've never been one for seeing you go.
This situation isn't normal but who said we were average. Rephrasing words to show we care, it's because of who we are that only we can manage.
News travels with the gurney, try not to let it get to your head. Despite how long its been I still get sentimental over things you've said.

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