It hurts to say ~GoodBye~

by Caroline

I know what I said to
You know what I pledged to
You know what I hide inside my head
Maybe I should not have

I should not have told you
Even when I urged to
I can never hide it
Even though I trided it
I tried it

I can never lie
No I can never lie
Cause if I lie to you
My soul will die die inside
I will be true to who I am
And that means I need to trust you


When I kiss you goodbye
I feel rotten inside
And I stand there thinking
~The person that belonged with me
Are sadly walking away~

I miss you whenever
We step away from each other

Can't we be just one secnd
more together
Or a minute, an hour, a day?
It still isnt enough

When I see you go in the the oppusite direction of mine
I feel like I can cry in a thousand days
Even though I was the one who kissed you goodbye


Maybe I should not have

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