Islands are everywhere animals play in the sun all day islands are everywhere googleys come out to play at night

The islands the islands everyone's having fun
animal island

Googly island

Tree island

Every Island i can imagine an island here and an island there there's islands everywhere everywhere the islands the islands

Look there's my friends there on an island playing catch look there's my dog he's hangy out with the pig islands everywhere

Everyone's having fun in the sun all day and the googleys come out to play in the dark hey mr skeleton and zombie how's it going hey mr creeper looking good every ones having fun

I'm going home to my island hello home island there's stampys cabin

And squashys pond

Heres my home my home sweet home on the island

The animals come out to play in the day
The googleys come out in the night the dogs and sheeps hang out not fight On the islands the wonderful islands my amazing islands.


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