by Justin Petre-mears
(Sherborne uk)

When u start in the industry look up to see the vultures.
It's always been this way it's just the culture.
Make them rich make them fat.
When they done then that's is that.

Stay true to your roots and ignore vultures
Keep fresh stay strong mark my words they ain't wrong.
When you know the words then learn from them.
Words are most powerful straight from the pen.

Rappers claiming to have stacks of cash walking around sharing the tok
reality they broke, borrowing money just for smoke !
Head down stay strong , mark my words they ain't wrong.

The industry will suck on your boob while you flight high
But will drop you when it goes dry.
No money not even for the tube when their ain't money coming from the boob .
Stay strong stay with your culture they will be there to warn of the vultures.
Stay strong stay clean and stake up the dirty green.

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