In Need of You

by Alexander
(North Carolina)

I still hear your voice
In my head
Calling me
But you’re not there
Left feeling alone
Feeling doesn’t seem right
But when there’s
Nothing you can do
It’s just fine.

I’m in need of you
More than you think I do
I want to hear you breathen
I want to feel you here
Can you draw closer
Can you just appear
I need you now
More than ever before
I just need you here
To soothe my soul.

I’m trying to hold onto you
With all of my might
I ask that you
Stay with me
I can’t sleep tonight.
Will you stay nearby
To keep the demons away
Oh I need you right here
I just need you to stay.

I know it’s so easy
To disappear
To forget the past
And submit to fear
So speak to me
The way you used to
Because I need you now
Just come into view.

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