in i go

by john hazen woodard
(newport vt united states)

In I go 
Will I return 
I hope not 
Never will I settle 
For less because 
I deserve the best 
Life is the ultimate test 
Should you succeed 
Or should you fail 
Is all up to you 
If you learn from 
Your mistakes and pick 
Yourself back up 
When pushed down 
You will prevail 
In life 
Do not fear unopened doors
Do like me and 
Embrace them 
With an open mind
Just think about the oppurtunitities 
On the other side 
Stay positive 
Forget the cons 
And remember the pros
Every situation in life 
Is in your control 
Remember that it's your life
Don't wait for it to start just go in 
Before it passes you by 
I will not stop 
I will not quit 
Until I reach the other side 
Been through a lot 
In my life 
But still no reason to hide
The talent that lies inside
My mind 
i strive to be nothing 
but a happy 
and civilized individual 
for the community 
i reside in 

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