IN and out of Jail By James cook

by james cook
(Viet nam)

In and out of Jail

ain't ya tired of going through all this stress felling Succide and depress trying to get out of all this mess felling less than ya best gota be wise and out smart the rest like ya playing a game of chess feels like bullet hole
going through my vest lord is this a life learning test like i was trying to win a contest...

In and out of Jail

Feeling like ya walking on nails running through streetz of hell knocking on heavens doors 4 bail, I can't remember tha last time i got mail 85 percent of ya time lock down in cell i'm living proof how the system fells the inner city youth Should been on tha sixers play hoops raise the Roof
they wanted tobe like 2pac in Juice..

In and out of JaiL

Short timers become third timers with two and three babe momas give a brothra a hole lot of drama, cellmates become jail bait prison steak chocolate cake and ya ass on a plate this ya fate up state apes name buba jakes living amoung snakes heavy weights co's on the take to much dough to make on felony case lose i ya faith in the heavenly place.

This is real deal not fairty tales just three meal and cell to chill...

In and out of Jail

Ya kids and wife ain't seen them seen Maimi ViC facing the gates of satan in the court room debating like ya rolling the dice with ya life, time too turn ya life over too christ
In and out of Jail

25 life in prison cell until face turn gray and pale PO's to Co's ya can't make porole ya life is out of control being sold for piece of gold living in a hole with a empty soul no where to go This story was told by lifers wearing Dieppers...

In and out of Jail By James Cook

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