Imsu Ran More than you know

by Imsu Ran
(Dimapur, Nagaland, India)

1.So this is over,
I promise i’ll never,
Never be the same,
You won’t say my name,
You’re makin me a loser,
Now m not your lover,
And i won’t survive,
I can’t be alive...

And sometimes it feels like,
I’m fighting fo life line..
Coz this is more than you know,
Coz i never let it show,
Our memories,
The love of your kiss,this is more than you know
Baby please don’t go..

2.please don’t leave my hand today,
I’ll do all of the things you say,
I just can’t hide,
That you make me smile,
Please don’t let me find you gone,
I’ll die if i’m all alone,
The dreams we had,
Has it gone so bad..

This was only for the better,
Sore are my wounds,
We are made for each other,
Please don’t walk away..
Please stay..coz this is more than you know,,

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